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Who do you think will walk away with the IPL trophy?
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Who do you think should be blamed?

Who do you think should be blamed for India's failure in Champions Trophy? Batsmen, bowlers or Dhoni's poor captaincy? Tell us.


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Posted By: R.Ramaswamy On:02/10/2009
BCCI,the selectors,the players and greediness of BCCI and players in making money.No professionalism from any of the abovesaid group.
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Posted By: Pazhani On:02/10/2009
purely Dhoni. When win the match how we congratulate him like wise for defeat also he should take responsibility.
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Posted By: Manivannan.V On:02/10/2009
Team India is the best in the world ,but our guys are over confident.
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Posted By: Manivannan.V On:02/10/2009
The entire team is responsible for the loss in the Champions Trophy. Poor fielding vs Pak
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Posted By: Dr Suresh Dutt On:02/10/2009
I think the slow scoring od Rahul Dravid like playing a test match+ bowlers not clicking on that day contributed
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Posted By: abhishek On:02/10/2009
i think our bowlers have not yet learnt to bowl well in the death overs;they must learn from the pakistanis.....apart from this reason injuries to india's best players yuvraj and zaheer also played a huge role..i dont blame dhoni's captaincy,he is one of the best captain all over the world!..
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Posted By: hiren Arora On:02/10/2009
Well first of all we lacked players like sehwag, yuvraj ,and zaheer khan. Abhishek Nayar should have played instead of Kohli. Also, guys lets not call these player bastards and dumb because this is really not rite. These guys are human beings after all. When India won 20/20 world cup everybody prayed Dhoni like GOD. Now he is not doing good, so its not fair to cuss him out. If you are really a true fan of our country then stick with him in good and bad, not that when they are doing good, you praise em and wen they are doin bad you disrespect them, that is not a true fan of anything sports. I am sorry but I love India and its cricket but win and lose is the part of the game. Lets just leave it there and support these cricketers the best we can.
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Posted By: SHESHADRI S On:02/10/2009
Dhoni's poor captaincy is the most important to India failure to not reach the semi-finals.
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Posted By: mehtarajkumar On:02/10/2009
SIR-YES SIR---Every one is to be blamed for this debacle. Our players have their respective ego. They have no team sipirit. They have no collective responsibility. Every one is selfish and self constained...may it be Ishant Sharma or any one else....WHY R.P.Singh was continued when he gave 21 runs in just 2 overs....that is rediculous. These players must be taught that when they play international cricket they represent the NATION......they are/their individuality exists only when NATION exists...without NATION they have no locostandy of their own....they should play in the spirit of the game and MUST play for the NATION rather then their own self interest. The BCCI must put some sort of restrictions on their private ads. which they go with the multi nationsls....with regards....mehta
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Posted By: Alex On:02/10/2009
Main cause is the stupid selection committiee......RP Singh allowed to be played wen Praveen is blowing Superbly....Inshant sharma should be droped unless he gain some form....Virat should be dropped after a lot failures....give more chance to Abishek Nayar....Power play not taken wen Yousef and Dravid was batting.....BUT ONE CAN COMPLAIN ABT HIS CAPATIANCY.....Dhoni support for some players should be stopped and he should look for the betterment of the team to win....
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