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Migrant workers facing 'slave-like conditions' in 2014 Brazil World Cup preparations

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 18:40 hrs

Over a hundred migrant construction workers employed on a project in Brazil related to the preparations of the 2014 FIFA World Cup are reportedly facing 'slave-like' conditions similar to Nepalese migrant workers in Qatar.

A government investigation into the expansion of the Sao Paulo international airport in Brazil reportedly found that 111 workers, from the poorer states in the country, were living in squalid accommodation near the building site.

The BBC reports that although the promised wages for the workers for the project were 625 dollars a month, some had to pay more than 220 dollars to secure a job.

According to officials, many of the workers, six of whom are of ethnic origin, were not immediately employed and were forced to stay in one of the makeshift camps near the airport, which is being expanded as a part of the preparations for the World Cup.

The investigation further found that the workers were living in 'conditions analogue to slaves', adding that the government has 30 days to present legal action against the contractors.

The report mentioned that according to the country's laws, companies must contract migrant workers in their hometown before transferring them to other cities, with the government saying that similar investigations were under way in other World Cup-related building sites. (ANI)

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