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Congratulate India

India have registered their first ODI series win in Australia since the World Championship in 1985. Congratulate the Indian team for this victory!


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Posted By: nagarajan.s On:05/03/2008
congratulation india for historic victory in australia
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Posted By: Prassannaa On:05/03/2008
I'm a srilankan..........but still HATS OFF to dhoni and his team............I simply hate australian's cricketers.......... THANK GOD FOR beatitng the ugly OZ...
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Posted By: seetharaman On:05/03/2008
well done. Keep it up.
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Posted By: K.I. Easow On:05/03/2008
March 5, 2008

Thank God for giving Dhoni and selectors the right thinking to opt team members for
tri-series final. Marvellous victory over Australians. Team members really deserve compliments. Appreciate the team effort and unity, the team members showed in the whole series. Invaluable maturity and calmness of Schin and Dhoni in handling difficult situations are exemplary examples to other cricketers. Keep it up. Dhoni’s team members abolished cricket domination of Australia. It is noteworthy to mention: proud goes before a fall.
End with prayer, love and regards.
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Posted By: anil narayanan On:05/03/2008
a million thanks to captain dhoni and his men for making the whole nation proud for the second time since the historic t20 world cup.1 billion indians are happy and have a spring in their step today.we have taken the first steps to a complete domination in world cricket.
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Posted By: Mohammed Shafi On:05/03/2008
Good job done by youngsters which are realy appreciable from all sort. & hope they will do in future. Congratulate for all Indian players as well as Under 19 players and all of Indian brothers who really prays for them.


Mohammed Shafi
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Posted By: rajaram On:05/03/2008
keep it up india.... those who made controversy against sachin should keep quite after this responsible innings from him. well done sachin. you proved once again that " you are the best batsman in the world". congrats new seemers praveen kumar and ishant sharma. ishant we miss u in second final. at last well done dhoni.. you have done great job of using young indians into the attack of australians
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Posted By: Sachin Gaitonde On:05/03/2008
Good job I always want Indians to finish Australian supermacy of one day finally they did it.Jai Hind
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Posted By: srinivasram On:05/03/2008
Well done boys, keep it up and keep going,
Dada get back to side soon,see you in action again.
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Posted By: sunil gaur On:05/03/2008
balle balle chak te phate
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