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Congratulate India

India have registered their first ODI series win in Australia since the World Championship in 1985. Congratulate the Indian team for this victory!


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Posted By: ghhhdh On:05/03/2008
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Posted By: sunil On:05/03/2008
Good job guys. Best of luck for future
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Posted By: NANDA On:05/03/2008
Congrats to Indian Cricket Team.
Hi sachin please be with us for atleast another five years
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Posted By: kirit On:05/03/2008
What a triumph for Team Bharat.Sachin was great and the young players were great. There should not be anymore controversies about senior and younger players. Team work and an efficient blend of experience and youth is all hat is needed. We have proven that India has all the ammunitions. We just have to manage it the way we did this time in Australia. As far as Australians are concerned they could not tolerate the aggressive body language Hindustani's exhibited. Well they better get used to it. India is not only doing well in sports but also at country's economy. As an NRI I was always proud of my Junmabhoomi. Now I am more proud because India is now well recognized as a progressive country. CONGRATS TO TEAM BHARAT. BCCI why do you call it TEAM INDIA ? What are you afraid of ? Regards Kirit
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Posted By: Pravin Mishra On:05/03/2008
It was a terrific display by Indian Team. I really over joyed triangualr series win. Full credit goes to this young side and Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
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Posted By: Bala Balachandran On:05/03/2008
India deserve to be congratulated for this magnificient win of the world champions on their own soil and full credit to them. In regard to the closing ceremony steered by Mark Taylor, lot to be desired as it was a pity that no one gave the trophy to the Indian captain and it does not show his professionalism at all.. a very poor show of channel 9 commentator who doesnt know the basic etiquette. Obviously the Oz commentary team got very disturbed by Indians performance !!!
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Posted By: MARANTHAI .A. SELVAM On:05/03/2008
Congratulations! congratulate all Indian Players for the WIN and they rewrite the history . my best wishes to all. '' INDIAN TEAM I" BEST TEAM
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Posted By: nauk DEv Suniya On:05/03/2008
hay, Congratulation To you All & All TH ecountriers.For This Great Win 2-0 By india Against Ausies..........
Keep this charm everlasting......
But Remember.....opening Bats man should be ..some Experienced sachine ,saurabh & sahvagh {two of them }
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Posted By: Rohith On:05/03/2008
i congratulate indian team for the historical win in the cb series. all players have contributed their best. i think the crucial contributions are:
praveen kumar (4 important wickets), sachin (91 runs), bhajji (taking a crucial wicket of symonds), pathan (accurate 50th over), robin uthapa (gave a good start in batting), yuvaraj (really amazing in the field and with the bat), sreesanth (exceptionally accurate in bowling), dhoni (no wods to say, good field placement, gave good guidance to the players, good wicket keeping, good bowling change and good bating.

india (present) team can remain at no.1 position for a long time.
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Posted By: peterjose On:04/03/2008
Congrats team india ,yougstres have learn from sachin .you have to become a game winners
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