Mumbai boy predicts first goal of World Cup 2014!

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 13, 2014 22:22 hrs

Mumbai: He is being called 'Nostradamus' and the 'Octopus for FIFA 2014' and for a good reason too, for Mumbai youngster, John Raphael, believe it or not, accurately predicted that Fifa World Cup 2014 would start off with an own goal.

John, with the Twitter handle @RaphaelJohn13, tweeted an hour before Brazil took on Croatia on Thursday that the first World Cup goal would be an own goal and even astonishingly named the Brazilian player Marcelo.
Thanks to his bizzarely accurate prediction, the 21-year-old economics graduate of St Xavier?s, Mumbai, became an overnight celebrity and his ?followers? increased by a thousand in less than 12 hours. He even made news in Belgium and trended heavily in Manchester.

'There is nothing to it,' he says. 'I have been following football for a long time now and Tweeting about it. But I guess there was nothing this big to have caught attention, especially since it was the first match of the World Cup,' said the Manchester United fan.

In fact, his first prediction was something different, 'Initially, I thought Mercelo will score for Brazil, but then I felt that it was going to be for Croatia instead and went online with it,' he says, insisting that he is 'no psychic'.

But he says that he doesn't plan to predict all the matches. 

'I don't plan to predict for all the matches. I guess I am going to follow my gut feeling and tweet if I feel something strongly,? he says, adding, 'and I am not supporting any country in particular.'

Now, several other 'psychics' have taken to twitter using the same hashtag to promote their predictions.

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