New IPL playoffs format rewards consistency

Last Updated: Thu, May 26, 2011 05:48 hrs

There's sadness and fear. As the end draws near!

What will we do post 28th may? 10 teams have been reduced to 4. Most of our esteemed guests from all over the cricketing world have played some thrilling cricket, done their sightseeing and shopping, sampled the golf courses all across the country and have, after a long and exciting ride through the length and breadth of India, headed home.

A controversial cheerleader and a legendary (but now officially retired) spinner have been offered movie roles in Bollywood along the way too. There has been a comic book launched on the trials, tribulations and adventures of the Chennai Super Kings!

One (previously unlucky) superstar has come further than he has ever been in this tournament and his team reigns supreme in the current IPL charts, while 2 of his lovely counterparts' teams have bowed out of this year's edition... but not without a fight!

Playoff experience and Dhoni factor gives CSK an edge

Of the 2 new entrants into IPL 4, the one that looked threatening and ominous went out with barely a whimper and the one that looked least likely to succeed did end its campaign with quite a few wins they would be extremely proud of. It's been an entertaining and eventful IPL, to say the least!

And speaking of eventful, as I sit to write this, I have just managed to get my breath back after an exhilarating chase that was executed by last year's defending champions, who with a scintillating six, of Albie Morkel's bat, have fast tracked their way to the finals of season 4. With this win and place in the finals, I am sure that Dhoni has achieved absolute and total superstardom in Chennai.

The day isn't far when there will be a temple in his name and he will be giving even Rajnikant a run for his money, in the
popularity stakes!

The new format of the playoffs, like Shane Warne's new look, is a great improvement! The tried and tested and overused formula of semi finals and sudden death, often had a favorite team, done and dusted, on the one day that they lost steam!

CSK clear favourites to retain IPL

This IPL rewards consistency and believes in second chances. Bangalore, the table toppers and 1st to qualify, do deserve a second go at finals. But then the IPL has always been about 2nd chances. Be it players who get some game after retirement or commentators or older ex cricketers, who suddenly find themselves out and about on the field again, as coaches and mentors or newbies who get a second chance to be seen and heard, if they haven't made an impact in other domestic tournaments. The IPL: It does give back!

What's also incredibly heartening about this edition, is that the 4 best teams, in the end, occupied the top 4 spots and what's even greater to see is that the Indian World Cuppers from these feisty four teams, have all taken their form ahead and are flourishing fabulously, in runs and their captaincy.

But sadly, as the business end of this IPL is coming dangerously close to its end, it's time for all of us cricket enthusiasts, to start thinking about finding a new hobby and maybe, just maybe, reclaiming our lives again!

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