Not satisfied with centre’s policy, says Double Trap shooter Ankur Mittal

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 11, 2019 23:51 hrs

[India], Feb 11 (ANI): Former world number one Double Trap shooter Ankur Mittal on Monday expressed his disappointment with the Centre’s policy, saying there is no help from the government for transition.

“In September last year, I won the World Championship so the time period was not sufficient to book seat in Trap’s senior team and this is the reason I could not seal my seat. This is a drawback for me as Trap is not there in the 2020 Olympics,” Mittal told ANI.

As for next three World Cups the team has been finalised, Mittal hopes, saying, “if not me then someone surely will get quota for India. Next year there will be fight as per the policy and they will get grace marks because they have quota. After the next nationals it will be decided who will go for the Olympics.”

The former world number one has had achieved so much in Double Trap, Mittal said in the starting a lot of money is required along with the right investment of time.

“The government should have sent top Double shooters for this year. There are issues in our policies and if they will modify then I think we can do better,” he said.

“Three shooters have been finalised. But in my point of view they should have taken the shooters out who have already got quota because there should be no pressure on an athlete and they should have given them time to prepare for the Olympics,” Mittal said.

When asked whether there should be any modification in the policy, Mittal said there are some improvements in the policy but pointed out “better things for athletes are still lacking”.

Mittal, who cannot participate in Mexico as he is not in the team, said a total of five athletes can participate as three play while two are extra.

Reflecting on the same, he added: “I think they should have sent extra players this year because this is the Olympics year and they do not know who can play in which range. I am changing my coach because he left from here so now I will be coached under Ahmed Al Makhtum from scratch.”

For Mittal, to fight for the 2020 seems very tough because he is neither in the team nor there is a policy through which he can enter. However he hopes: “In this World Cup we have good chance for Olympics quota as our shooters know this range and there will be home crowd to support so I think they will perform better this time.” (ANI)