Pak's evergreen cheerleader 'Chacha Cricket' says love for nation keeps driving him

Last Updated: Wed, Nov 21, 2012 12:50 hrs

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, who is also known as Chacha Cricket is one of the most recognisable faces in the cricket world, as he is seen at almost every cricket match played by Pakistan, no matter where in the world, and has become famous for his energetic waving of a giant Pakistan flag.

According to the Chacha Cricket, the love for his nation keeps driving him to continue the unwavering support he has been giving to the Pakistan national team.

During an exclusive interview with, Chacha Cricket was asked what was the secret behind his endless energy that keeps him in such an enthusiastic mood forever.

"As I have said before, whatever I do, I do it for the people of my country, and to make other people happy as well - regardless of where they come from," Chacha Cricket replied.

"Behind all this is my love for my nation. I am considered as the number 1 cheerleader for Pakistan all around the world that is why I really work hard to keep my enthusiasm and in every match I come with new ideas and new slogans," he added.

"This is my style to make everyone happy, everyone loves me and God is my witness that I truly love Pakistan. My love for Pakistan is greater than the love of "Heer" and "Ranjah"! In short, I have a mission in which, by the grace of ALLAH (SWT), I have been successful," he said.

Chacha Cricket added: "This mission has 3 objectives - One is to become a good Pakistani and make Pakistan proud. Second, to give people happiness in my own style and the third is to help poor and helpless people." (ANI)

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