People hammering the IPL had an axe to grind

People hammering the IPL had an axe to grind

Last Updated: Mon, May 03, 2010 05:09 hrs
Australia will be hungry

Amidst the entire off field controversies, the third edition of the Indian Premier League finished with a great final. Till the 19th over of the Mumbai Indians chase of the Chennai Super Kings total, it looked as if the game could go either way and that’s what finals should be about where the result is decided only towards the very end.

The worry about the finals was because the earlier three games at the same venue were one sided and boring by the time the fifteenth over of the team chasing had ended. That is not what is expected of semi-finals and the knockout between the losing semi-finalists, where the winner had the chance to play in the Champions League, was a tame one too.

There was plenty of action though off the field and those who had an axe to grind with the IPL wielded it with gusto. The TV channels were suddenly awash with the same faces appearing on it, and while that speaks of their easy availability and love of the limelight, it also tells that for some TV channels, the only people whose opinions matter are those from Delhi or Mumbai. 

'Modi was a victim of unfair vilification'

It would have been really interesting if the channels had checked whether most if not all those who were hammering the IPL had in some manner or the other been rejected or snubbed by the IPL for business opportunities and so grabbed the chance to have one back at the IPL.

There were advertisers, there were PR people, there were those who had interest in creating websites for the IPL and then there were some who have married into a wealthy family but had failed businesses after failed businesses and haven’t paid their staff, who were now telling the world how bad the IPL organization was. There were some social climbers who perhaps had not been invited for any of the IPL matches and bashes and so were upset.

Some have been on the channels when the Indo-US nuclear deal was discussed and also for the discussions on the budget as well as when there is some legal case that is discussed plus when art is being talked about. They are truly all-rounders and know everything about everything and it’s a wonder how they find so much time to be on TV since they must be really busy making a cushy living with all the knowledge and expertise on all subjects that they have.

T20 World Cup

Pity us cricketers don’t have so much knowledge for then we would have been able to understand a lot of the financial and legal issues that came up in the council meetings. We cricketers just looked at all the others who were more knowledgeable about finance and law and trusted their expertise on it while when it came to cricketing matters, the others looked at us and nodded their heads when we talked.   

But back to on the field events. The T20 format is one that Suresh Raina surely relishes. He goes out there and smashes the bowling from the first ball and takes his chances and then when summoned bowls the odd over or two and takes a blinder of a catch too. He did all that and yes also dropped a catch in the finals which his team won. For his consistent efforts he is the CEAT International Cricketer of the Week.

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