Posh's 'slimy' slimming secret revealed

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 27, 2012 10:40 hrs

A 100-year-old Scottish recipe of seaweed and a plant known as Sticky Willies has been revealed as Victoria Beckham's slim body's secret.

The bizarre combination that was first created in 1913 has now been licensed in tablet form and over 250,000 pre-orders have been placed by retailers hailing it as the next big thing in slimming.

Trading under the name Quantrim, its ingredients include a seaweed 'superfood' called Bladderwrack and a commonly found weed called Cleavers which together combine to raise body's metabolism and as a result burn more calories.

Both ingredients are already known to have benefits: A list celebrities like Beckham, who makes seaweed shakes and Britney Spears, who eats the bitter sea plant raw have for a long time been benefiting from the powerful weight loss attributes of seaweed, the Daily Mail reported.

And Cleavers, which has the nicknames Goosegrass and Sticky Willies, has been used in health recipes dating back to Roman times.

But putting the two together first became popular about 100 years ago when a Scottish herbalist called William Box created his Slimwell Anti-Fat Slimming Tablets. (ANI)

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