Rayudu should play for the country soon

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 27, 2012 06:43 hrs

There is a saying in cricket - the match is never over till the last ball is bowled. And that turned out to be so true in the last game against Kings XI Punjab in Mohali. In fact, for all these years this was our first ever win at the PCA stadium. And I mean how. This is a much needed win and this will most certainly help us to get back in the league. I am really happy with the way things turned out for us.

Thirty two runs off 12 balls is often considered to be steep climb. But our boys Ambati Rayudu and Robin Peterson had different plans. They showed a lot of character and grit to execute the onslaught to get us past this total. 168 runs was tough chase, but full marks to the batting unit for making this possible.

James Franklin and Sachin Tendulkar gave a solid platform to the middle order. After that Rohit Sharma took over, again exhibiting his caliber and class. Under pressure he played another gem of an innings. But this time he couldn’t finish the matter for us and that made him very disappointed. Rohit’s innings gave us the much needed momentum and belief to go for the chase.

And Rayudu picked up from where Rohit left. He was batting at a very critical number. Mostly at this slot you come into a tailor-made situation. You don’t have time to settle or find your groove. But Rayudu started sensibly by picking singles before launching a counter attack.

There is little doubt that IPL V is a success

He picked the right balls to hit and never lost his cool in the demanding situation. These are hall marks of a matured player. I have said it before and would say it again, Rayudu is one of the most exciting talents in India and should play for the country soon.

All these players with the name Peterson have a special love for the switch hit. Our own Peterson played some dazzling shots to secure the victory. This is our second very close win and these kind of results change the morale of the side completely. Suddenly there is a very positive vibe in the dressing room and it installs the belief to overcome any challenge.

Last night was very tough for young Piyush Chawla and I am sure he will emerge stronger from this. The other night I saw my friend Ashish Nehra going for twenty one runs in the last over. But in a format like this you are bound to go for runs at some stage. Batsmen are after you and on certain days they will get better of you. But one bad over or a spell doesn’t make you a bad bowler.

In our next game we are going to face one of the strongest team of this season, Delhi Daredevils, in their own den. They have played superb cricket and have some quality players in fine form. But we have to stick to our basics and apply our skills.

And if we do that, the result will take care of itself.

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