Retired Indo-Australian entrepreneur launches new website to inspire young cricketers on game tactics, challenges

Last Updated: Sun, Oct 21, 2012 08:30 hrs

Retired Indo-Australian entrepreneur and NSW Second XI captain Danny Bhandari has combined both cricket and business as he seeks to inspire youngsters in the country and in India.

Bhandari has lent his entrepreneurial mind and his bank account to the website, a concept he believes can transform age-old but anachronistic practices in the coaching of young cricketers.

He is also a chairman of selectors at UNSW Cricket Club, and has been recruited for his business expertise to chair the advisory board of Sydney Thunder, a Twenty20 Big Bash League team.

The brainchild of the former South African first-class batsman Murray Creed, the Sydney-based site's aim is to be an interactive and vast content library of training material based on videos tackling the technical, mental and physical challenges a player learning the game could face

"There will be tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people, who will come on to the internet for the very first time in the next 10 years. They love cricket, they love watching cricket and this is an opportunity for them to interact with the sport, to get better and to take advantage of the learning and the skills that we take for granted here in Australia," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Bhandari, as saying.

"We'd love to give the product out for free in parts of India, parts of Afghanistan and Nepal - countries where they've shown they can play in [International Cricket Council] tournaments and there is a lot of talent," he added.

Bhandari and Creed are co-shareholders in the site, which is designed as a subscription service for young players and team coaches, to receive expert advice on every aspect of the game, from how to execute a back-foot drive to running between the wickets and bowling an outswinger.

The interactive element of the project, which allows young players to connect and receive regular feedback from coaches, is a selling point he is banking on being a hit. (ANI)

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