Ronaldo says being famous deprives him of living 'normal life'

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 07:10 hrs

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed the worst thing about being such a famous footballer, who is recognized internationally, is that it deprives him from living a normal life.

When asked during an interview with the Sun that what is the worst thing about being Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese ace replied to be too famous is not good and it is very hard, adding there is so much stuff that is bad about it, as he just cant have a normal life.

Ronaldo added a normal life doesn't exist for him and when he goes in the street for shopping and to do whatever he wants, it is impossible, as wherever he goes in the world people recognize him.

Ronaldo said fame brings good things and bad things and one needs to adapt and find the balance, adding he knows now how to deal and cope with it, but maintained it is still tough.

Ronaldo would face his former team Manchester United at Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday in the first leg of their much-awaited Champions League pre-quarterfinal clash. (ANI)

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