Sachin's advice helped me to deal with media scrutiny

Source : SIFY
By : Kevin Pietersen
Last Updated: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 04:26 hrs
Cannot imagine Sachin without cricket: Anjali<br>

I think anyone who has had any involvement in cricket is aware of what an immense contribution Sachin Tendulkar has made to the sport and will continue to make long after he has retired. 

The records he has set and the runs he has scored are there for all to see, but his influence on the game and on countless people is immeasurable and goes so much deeper than simple statistics. 

I know from firsthand experience how valuable his advice has been in shaping the careers of cricketers at every level.

During the series against India in 2007, I sat down with Sachin to ask him how he deals with the weight of expectation and the media scrutiny that has been constant for so much of his career; an area that I have struggled with at times. 

We spent an entire session chatting about how he handles that side of his life. 

He seemed genuinely excited to be able to help me out and give me advice. 

I was struck by how humble he was about all that he had achieved, how happy he was to help a fellow cricketer and how generous he was with his time.

Sachin’s achievements in the sport and his charitable work outside of the game will inspire countless generations, including all the young Indian cricketers he has spent so much of his time helping. 

He has set new boundaries, and I very much doubt that his records will be surpassed.

Sachin is incredibly humble, a true gentleman and it has been an absolute privilege watching his career and playing against him.

He is a role model for anyone who aspires to be good at their job in any walk of life and has shown that if you’re passionate about what you do, you can achieve great things. 

I’d like to congratulate him on his career and wish him all the very best for all that he does next.

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