Ten IPL catch phrases for day-to-day life

Last Updated: Sat, May 28, 2011 06:12 hrs

Ten catch phrases from the IPL that can be used and applied to situations in day-to-day life:

1) Strategic Timeout: "Let's take a strategic timeout": A polite and easy way to break up with a nagging yet cerebral girlfriend. Normally this timeout (strategically) lasts for much, much longer than 2 & 1/2 minutes!

2) Play Off: Am all set for the playoff, simply means: "Bring it on, I like the challenge... But since I've generally been good, in case I mess up, I expect a second chance... please"

3) O la la la la le o: It means just what it it is! I am the king of good times, and I don't care if I can or cannot hold a tune!! And what's more, whoever uses this and however it's used, it's got a nice ring to it!

4) Gayle-Force: "I am going to get Gayle-forced" could be used as an apt way of describing how you are going to get punished for being bad! i.e. That you are going to get the hammering of your life! Example: "I flunked in the math exam, my mum completely Gayle-forced me!"

5) Flash interview: Whenever any Bollywood actor or actress gives an interview on TV with minimal or no clothing on, it could be called a flash interview. Salman Khan is the current record holder when it comes to this format of broadcast!

6) The Orange Cap: If you are holding the orange cap... It's a code word for "running to the toilet now, because I've got the runs: BIG TIME!"

7) Reverse Sweep: A term describing a tryst with the unexpected. Example: "Just when I thought she was the girl I wanted to marry, she ran away with someone else and life handed me a reverse sweep!"

8) Super Over: When a situation gets very tight and almost too close for comfort, it's a "super over". Like "my girlfriend caught me with another girl... and oh boy... I barely got out of it alive... what a super over that turned out to be!" (contrary to its name, the feeling associated with it, isn't so super!)

9) Dug out: 2 simple words best used to describe a place where boys, young and old, hang out... chill... and ready themselves for some action! Would make for a perfect name for a watering hole or bar!

10) The "Commissioner": A term best used to describe someone who has worked well for a situation and also at the same time really also hasn't! The Jury is still out on whether the word has positive or negative connotations.

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