'Under pressure' match officials unwilling to report chucking during matches

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 07, 2013 06:30 hrs

Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) boss Paul Marsh has claimed match officials are under pressure these days to report flawed bowling actions, he and believes that in-game testing represents cricket's last hope to confront the politically charged throwing issue.

According to recent reports, Cricket Australia (CA) plans to revamp its reporting process so suspect actions in its domestic competitions can be investigated sooner.

But Marsh believes the problem has become so deep-rooted that empowering umpires to report bowlers with suspect actions is no longer adequate, the Age reports.

Marsh said he honestly thinks the current situation has gone past that stage, and he confirmed there was growing frustration among players about throwing, both at international level and on the domestic scene.

It takes three separate mentions in a season for an action to be analysed, but CA is looking to tighten that process because the short BBL season renders the existing procedures ineffective, the paper said.

Marsh added there is an issue and every one hears players, coaches talking about there being an issue with chucking and in world cricket we see that the problem is increasing.

Marsh further said certainly from the players' perspective we feel it is scar on the game that needs to be addressed.

He added its a difficult situation because until you get to real-time testing it's not definitive and it's people using their judgment as to whether they think the bowlers bend their arm by more than 15 degrees.

Marsh further said it is a difficult situation and players' careers are at stake if umpires get it wrong, adding he thinks the umpires feel significant political pressure around this particular issue, therefore, the officials are a bit gun shy to go down the path of reporting players. (ANI)

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