Virat's shots are similar to Vishy, Azhar, VVS

Last Updated: Sat, Nov 02, 2013 04:56 hrs

Wow! What a match we have in store! It is just the kind of ending that administrators dream of where two teams have fought tooth and nail and get to the last venue bloodied but unbowed. 

The last game is the one that will decide who wins the series, and one thing is for sure; whoever does that will have to fight till the end to do so. There will be no shame in losing either, as both teams have given the spectators and viewers plenty to cheer and have also shown them some extraordinary batting.

The new ICC rules regarding the number of fielders outside the circle has meant that bowlers know that they have to get extremely lucky to end up with decent figures, especially of the kind of batting pitches that we have seen so far. 

That is the one rule more than the two new balls from either end that has made life unbearable for the bowlers. As the Indian skipper said at the end of the Nagpur match, the bowlers may as well send a bowling machine to bowl to the batsmen.

Having said that, the batting that we have seen in the series has been thrilling, with some of the shots being truly memorable. 

There was one shot that Virat Kohli played at Nagpur where he went down the pitch to Faulkner, and when he found that he was not close to the ball he just brought his bottom hand into play and whipped it over midwicket for a boundary. 

Virat has got great hands that allow him to play the same ball on the same length to either side of the wicket, and so bowlers cannot keep him quiet. This is a rare skill given to very few, and we have seen Gundappa Viswanath, Azharuddin and Laxman play similarly, driving bowlers up the wall. 

George Bailey and the Australians also are such good players of the pull shot that even a delivery fractionally short of good length is seized upon and hammered away.

Amit Mishra may have been expensive, but he started well and then tried too many different things when he was attacked and so lost the plot. This is where Ashwin has quickly made the adjustment and he has stopped trying to bowl too many variety balls in one over. 

Once again, the toss will give the chasing option to the captain, as both know that that is the way the games have been won.

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