We want to score record points total: Giggs

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Ryan Giggs

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs gave an exclusive interview after the club wrapped up its 20th league title:

Q  Ryan, Manchester United's 20th title is in the bag - and your 13th! So what are the aims for the rest of the season as you head to Arsenal this weekend?

A  "To finish with as many points as possible. The manager has spoken about the possibility of a record points total and that has to be our aim."

Q You have won so many titles but how good did this one feel?

A  "It's obviously special. When you lose it in the manner that we did last year, to win it back is something special.  And the way we finished it in the game against Villa - by putting on a show and that wonderful goal from Robin van Persie - was a great feeling. I felt like we did it in style."

Q  Seven players in the United team hadn't won a title before - so that just shows how much the team has changed and how many young players have been brought in. Does that bode well for next season too?

A "I think it does, yes. That's the key to the manager's success. The way he evolves and the way he is always looking forward. It shows with the amount of young players we have in the team.   These are exciting players and players who are going to be here for a very long time. They'll hopefully carry on that tradition of competing for trophies."

Q  Did you always know United were going to win it? It seems like you were top of the table for months!

A  "From Christmas onwards, we looked really good, and once you got that platform of a solid  defence and when you have the flair players that we've got, then you've always got a chance."

Q  What was the key to your success in winning back the title from City?

A  "Obviously the attitude of the team but I would say probably the strength in depth of the squad. We had a lot of injuries early on, at centre-half especially, but once we got that sorted we looked really solid. It's been a good season."

Q  How long are you going to go on? You've just signed a new one-year contract so there could still be title number 14 to look forward to!

A "I hope so! I'm just enjoying it and as long as I'm enjoying it and contributing to the team then I'm going to carry on."

Q  We saw you on television in the changing room after the Villa game swigging champagne and soaking teammates! You are going to miss those kind of moments when you retire, don't you think?

A "That's true - it's nights like that that you're going to miss when you finish. But on the other hand, it's nights like that that drive you on to keep on playing. Hopefully there are still more to come."

Q  Does all that celebrating take it out of you at your age? We noticed you looked a bit leggy on the lap of honour!

A "You're probably right! When we went on the second lap of honour I thought to myself 'hey, where are you going! The tunnel's that way!' I was a bit tired. But I'll keep on going. As long as I'm contributing to the team I'll carry on.

Q  What about the manager? He shows no signs of retiring either! How long can he go on?

A "Nobody thinks he's about to stop. His appetite is still second to none. Every day at the training ground he's the first there, his enthusiasm is brilliant and that feeds through the club; he is the club. Everything comes from the manager, getting players in, getting the right staff in, and he's just an unbelievable manager and an unbelievable person and he deserves everything that he gets. He works hard and I've been very lucky to play under him for so long."

Q  Fergie had big praise for Phil Jones after United won the title - he even said he had the potential to become one of United's greatest ever players! Can you see him improving next season and being the one who keeps United going for their 21st title?

"A  Definitely. He's been outstanding. He's one of them players who is so good he can play midfield, right-back, anywhere. But every time he plays at centre-half he's outstanding and I personally think that's his position. He's such a young lad as well and he'll get better. Experiences like this year - but also like last year - will help him. Disappointment can also help you in your career."

Q  Exactly - it looked like the nightmare end to last season when you lost the title to City in the last minute of the campaign really drove you all on?

A "It did. There are a lot of young players who have learned from last season and gone on to play very well this season and play consistently, which is hard for a young player. So that's been good. And there's more to come from this team for certain. We've got exciting young players and an exciting future."

Q  This is only going to make the rivalry with City even more intense, isn't it? Do you get the feeling now that the derby rivalry has moved to a completely different level?

A  "I would think so. The rivalry has always been there but it has been turned up a notch purely because of how much money they have got. "The build up to games against them now is huge. The world is watching. They are watching the biggest team in the world, which is us and the richest team in the world, which is them. So it is great for the city to have that sort of interest. But winning the title is just about winning the title after missing out last season. Until we play City, I don't take any notice of them, just like any other team really. I just think about United."

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