Will be happy if Bhajji, Zak also play 100: Viru

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 23, 2012 05:26 hrs

​We have an interview with the one and only Virender Sehwag as he reaches the landmark of 100 Test matches against England in Mumbai:

So your next milestone would be the 200th Test match, isn’t it?

What? 200 Test matches? Absolutely impossible. I am not at all aiming for that. This 200 Test matches will be played cricketing God Sachin Tendulkar. I cannot see anyone will break that record of playing 200 Test matches.

Why not by you?

I took 12 years to play 100 Test matches, which means I have to play another 12 years for the next 100 Test matches. Is it realistically possible? Then the media will ask why Viru is playing. I will not give such an opportunity to anybody.

Will you change your style of play from the 101st Test match?

No, why should I? You will change at this age? That is also just not possible. I am happy with what I am. I am happy, the way I play. It will be unchanged.

Why are we asking this question is because if you are settled for the first 10 overs, then you can play a real big innings

If there is a ball to hit, on the very first delivery of the match, I will hit. I do not think otherwise.  I have a bat and I have to score runs. That is the way cricket should be played. I have followed this. I am happy that the team has given me this liberty to go after the bowling from the word ‘go’.

Do you repent getting out at the Melbourne Cricket Ground after an attempt to hit a six when you were at 195?

I don’t repent for anything on the cricket field. It’s a game. If anyone tries his best and then doesn’t get success, he shouldn’t repent. The question is whether you are trying your best or not. And 195 is much better than getting a duck.

Can you prepare for a 300 plus score and break Lara’s record?

I don’t play for records. If that happens in the bargain, I will pick that up. You cannot be sure for a triple century. You may try, which I will. You cannot score an innings of 300 just like that. It happens while the game progresses.  

VVS Laxman discouraged you from opening the innings because he also suffered

Yes, I do remember, but at that particular time, I had no other option and I discussed this matter with Laxman and explained my situation.

How will you describe playing the 100th Test match?

I am very fortunate, very thrilled. It was beyond my imagination that I will play 100 Test matches. It’s a rare occasion. So far 8 cricketers have played 100 plus Test matches and I will be the 9th one from today onwards. It is indeed a great moment. I will be happy if Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan also play 100 Test matches and then Zaheer would be the second medium-pacer, who would have played 100 plus Test matches after the great Kapil Dev.

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