Words do more damage than actions!

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 07, 2011 05:40 hrs

Shaun Tait was steaming in to bowl fast and Tillekaratne Dilshan had edged him for four. Tait didn't like it. Dilshan couldn't care less. But Tait let Dilshan know what he thought of him. And it wasn't pretty! Dilshan replied and Tait was angered. The very next ball, Dilshan pulled away at the last moment and almost caused Tait to fall over. Enter Ricky Ponting.

The umpire also had to enter at this point. And much was said in all directions at this point. The end result was everyone seemed happy to have had their say and play would resume soon. The very next ball, Dilshan, going for one of his expansive drives only managed to edge to Cameron White in the slips. Victory to the bowler!

Whether this incident was one you would call "aggressive on-field behavious" or not is questionable. Australia was being themselves riling up batsmen with chatter only not to like it when dished out. All is as usual with the cricketing world!

Photo: Getty Images

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