Snapchat more popular than Facebook Poke

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 03, 2013 06:23 hrs

London: Despite the news that Snapchat's self-destructing videos can be saved and the release of a rival version by Facebook, the video-messaging app Snapchat has become more popular than ever.

Snapchat users can specify the lifespan of their picture and video messages, but once opened none can last longer than 10 seconds within the app.

Now the service is being hailed as one of the top apps for 2013, in large part because it gained widespread popularity among teenagers with smartphones before gaining media attention, the Telegraph reports.

The rise in popularity came despite a report claiming that videos sent via the app can be stored using a workaround.

Facebook also released Poke in a bid to jump on the popularity of the apps that delete their messages automatically, which have also been linked to young people 'sexting' inappropriate material.

Analysts had thought that the rival app, along with news that easily available tools allowed iPhone users to save Snapchat videos, would dent the rise of the app.

But Facebook's Poke has rapidly fallen down app popularity charts, despite a concerted PR effort by the social network, which revealed that founder Mark Zuckerberg had written code for the app himself and that it has been created in just weeks, the paper said.

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