'Aggressive' China may soon lead space race against Russia and US

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 05:22 hrs

Washington: China is believed to soon speed ahead in the space race with nations like the US and Russia falling behind.

Researchers believe that it is irrefutable that with China's growing potential in the field of space, other nations appear to have taken a backseat.

Professor at Berry College in Georgia, John Hickman said that there are unmistakable signs that China may surpass the US and Russia to become the world's preeminent space faring power, Washington Times reports.

According to the report Washington's continued ignorance of Beijing's resolute space policy doesn't mean there is no space race. It means that Beijing wins by default.

An Apollo program professor of astronautics and professor health sciences and technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laurence Young also agreed and said that the Chinese are moving ahead aggressively on a human exploration program on moon.

Young said that the Chinese have a recent string of successes that suggest their optimistic goals will be met and their success rate has taken the space industry somewhat off guard.

Hickman said that one of the underlying problems in the US space policy-making is the conviction based on the dominant Constructivist Theory of International Relations that the behavior of states is necessarily constrained by a consensus on international norms.

He further added that some decision-makers in Washington are convinced that Beijing can be talked into accepting the leadership of Washington because it has been working to establish that consensus with the second-tier space powers, the report added.

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