Facebook AI turns meaningless whistling into melodious tune

Last Updated: Thu, May 24, 2018 14:58 hrs

Facebook has developed an AI that can turn simple whistling into musical masterpieces with the help of neural network training.

The AI can not only turn whistling, but theoretically can convert music in one style or genre into any other on its own.

The system uses unsupervised training to teach a neural network on creating similar noises on its own instead of repeating notes. It prevents the AI from simply memorising the audio signal by purposefully distorting the input, Engadget reported.

It will be able to redo a Metallica riff as a classical piece, Mozart symphony into harpsichord-heavy performance, whistling into orchestral Indiana Jones, and so on.

The possible use case is simple, allowing musicians to experiment with genre-defying covers and remixes. While it is not clear where Facebook will use this technology, but it won't be far-fetched to see it turn into a music app allowing people to turn musicians without conventional instruments.

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