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2014-08-29 15:30:00
modiJapan and India both have much to gain from a visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and more than a dozen Indian steel, energy and IT tycoons that begins Saturday in the ancient capital of Kyoto.
2014-07-17 13:15:00
Should your emails, web albums and other online accounts die when you do? Or should you be able to pass them down to a family member much as you would a house or a box of letters?
2014-06-12 11:15:00
Washington: A new study has revealed that development of a huge mountain range in the middle of the ancient supercontinent, Pangea helped Earth to avoid huge rise in atmospheric CO2 last time. Dr
2014-03-19 17:15:00
Washington: A U.S. official said Wednesday that the Malaysian government is seeking the FBI's help in analyzing any electronic files deleted last month from the home flight simulator of the pilot of
2014-03-03 11:36:14
​AppleApple makes its next move in hands-free smartphone technology for car drivers when it unveils a new, integrated iPhone voice-control system at the Geneva Motor Show this week.The U.S. company's
2014-02-26 11:37:40
Yandex over-allotment option takes IPO to $1.43 blnRussia's largest search engine Yandex said it has entered into a partnership with Google Inc that will allow their clients to tap into each others' advertising inventory.Under the agreement, Google's
2014-02-25 05:15:00
Mark Zuckerberg Speaking at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the mission of the social networking giant was to 'connect the world.' Zuckerberg
2014-02-23 11:15:00
San Francisco: If Facebook hopes to remain the social networking leader, CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows the company must follow the people. That realization compelled Zuckerberg to pay $19 billion for
2014-02-14 01:30:00
Here's a list of Facebook's new gender identity options:AgenderAndrogyneAndrogynousBigenderCisCis FemaleCis MaleCis ManCis WomanCisgenderCisgender FemaleCisgender MaleCisgender ManCisgender
2014-02-13 23:45:00
​Facebook Menlo park: You don't have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media giant has added a customizable option with about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender
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