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2014-02-25 05:15:00
Mark Zuckerberg Speaking at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the mission of the social networking giant was to 'connect the world.' Zuckerberg
2014-02-23 11:15:00
San Francisco: If Facebook hopes to remain the social networking leader, CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows the company must follow the people. That realization compelled Zuckerberg to pay $19 billion for
2014-02-14 01:30:00
Here's a list of Facebook's new gender identity options:AgenderAndrogyneAndrogynousBigenderCisCis FemaleCis MaleCis ManCis WomanCisgenderCisgender FemaleCisgender MaleCisgender ManCisgender
2014-02-13 23:45:00
&#8203;Facebook Menlo park: You don't have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media giant has added a customizable option with about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender
2014-01-26 09:00:00
Washington: Experts have claimed that the adult film industry will survive and thrive if it can evolve its X-rated content onto wearable devices such as Google Glass, as well as mobile phones and
2014-01-24 03:58:56
&#8203;Microsoft​Microsoft Corp posted a bigger-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday, boosted by strong sales of its software and services for businesses, a solid holiday season for its new Xbox game console
2014-01-22 00:15:00
Columbus: Federal authorities say they questioned an Ohio man they suspected of recording a movie in a theater with his Google Glass computer-in-eyeglass device.The government says no action was
2013-12-15 04:45:00
Beijing: China's first moon rover has touched the lunar surface and left deep traces on its loose soil, state media reported Sunday, several hours after the country successfully carried out the
2013-12-12 04:30:00
Dinosaur destroying asteroid may have sent life to Mars 65 million years ago Washington: Researchers have said that the asteroid that was responsible for destroying dinosaurs may also have been capable of catapulting life to Mars and the moons of Jupiter. The researchers said
2013-12-02 07:00:00
Beijing: China launched its first rover mission to the moon Monday, sending a robotic craft named Jade Rabbit to trundle across the lunar landscape, examine its geology and beam images back to Earth.A
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