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2013-04-25 00:15:00
&#8203;Google Chrome laptopSan Francisco: Google CEO Larry Page and his longtime partner Sergey Brin limited their salaries to $1 apiece last year, while four other top executives received combined compensation packages
2013-04-23 23:15:00
New York: Hackers compromised Twitter accounts of The Associated Press on Tuesday, sending out a false tweet about an attack at the White House.The false tweet said there had been two explosions at
2013-04-23 10:15:00
Mumbai: Low cost efficiency put India's outsourcing companies at the heart of global business and created a multibillion dollar industry that for years has skated over criticism it was eliminating
2013-04-19 04:10:00
Washington: Scientists have discovered two Earth-like planets in the habitable orbit of a Sun-like star. Using observations gathered by NASA's Kepler Mission, the team, led by William Borucki of the
2013-04-19 01:30:00
&#8203;BostonBoston: Plucking a couple of faces in baseball caps out of a swarming crowd, the FBI zeroed in on two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing and shared surveillance-camera images of them with the
2013-04-16 03:50:00
Google is my home, no plans of govt job: Eric SchmidtWashington: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has predicted that everybody in the world will be on the Internet within seven years. Schmidt wrote Saturday on his Google+ account that 'for every
2013-04-15 07:50:00
Apple, Samsung, Google plan to launch 'smart watches' this yearWashington: Now, software giant Microsoft has also joined rival tech firms Apple, Samsung and LG in the race to develop a smart watch, a report has said. The firm is said to be working on designs for
2013-04-15 07:45:00
Washington: DNA may be the building block of life, but can something taken from it also be the building block of a multimillion-dollar medical monopoly?The Supreme Court grapples Monday with the
2013-04-05 00:30:00
Mark ZuckerbergCalifornia: With its new "Home" on Android gadgets, Facebook is trying to prove that a company doesn't have to make a smartphone or operating system to define how people interact with mobile
2013-04-03 23:15:00
Facebook, social network, news feed, facebook news feed, Mark ZuckerbergChicago: A Chicago-based social media company called Timelines Inc. can sue Facebook Inc. over allegations that it violated the smaller firm's trademark on the word "timeline," a federal
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