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2014-07-08 21:00:00

A generation ago, students on semester abroad were practically incommunicado, aside from airmailed letters and one or two calls home. These days, from the minute the plane lands, kids studying

2014-07-08 20:30:00

While new technology and mobile applications have made old-fashion road trips easier, the thrill of spontaneity and surprise still remains. If travelers are flexible, apps can offer ease with

2014-07-08 20:15:00
An Ohio man who jokingly sought $10 to pay for his first attempt at making potato salad has raised more than $37,000 from a crowdfunding Internet site.
2014-07-08 17:45:00
Nike is reportedly cutting ties with Manchester United by not renewing a long-running kit supply deal with English soccer club because of the cost of a new contract.
2014-07-08 16:40:00

* BSE index falls 2 pct; NSE ends 2.11 pct lower * Railway-related stocks slump on budgeted outlay concerns By Abhishek Vishnoi MUMBAI, July 8 (Reuters) - Indian shares slumped

2014-07-08 15:00:00
The U.S. Secret Service has arrested a Russian man who is accused of hacking store computers to steal thousands of credit card numbers.
2014-07-08 14:45:00
New research by academics at the University of Sheffield has solved a long-standing mystery surrounding the evolution of galaxies, deepening our understanding of the future of the Milky Way.
2014-07-08 14:45:00
NASA has recently stated that the bright light recorded by the Curiosity rover on Mars was just a 'hot pixel' and not a UFO.
2014-07-08 14:00:00

HONG KONG, July 8 (Reuters) - Hong Kong shares finished flat on Tuesday, as gains in utilities offset losses in Macau casino stocks on concerns that revenues would suffer as gamblers focused on

2014-07-08 12:45:00
We may feel a drop in the number of 'red-heads' around us, as a new study claims that they may very soon be on the verge of extinction.
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