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2015-04-12 12:45:00
A new study has revealed that mental practice and physical therapy are effective treatments for people recovering from a stroke.
2015-04-11 11:45:00
A team of astrophysicists has discovered a group of red giant stars for which the 'chemical clock' does not work.
2015-04-10 19:40:00
An employee checks a customers' feedback book next to a Bharti Airtel logo inside its shop in KolkataStating that the Internet is neutral and will continue to be so, a senior official from Bharti Airtel today asserted that an operator has a right to maximise its revenue from customers.
2015-04-10 14:00:00
Google has reportedly been working to make its Android Wear smartwatch platform work on Apple's iPhone, a source said.
2015-04-10 13:51:31
Soldiers from China's People's Liberation Army march ahead of the opening session of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at Tiananmen Sqaure in Beijing
2015-04-10 13:45:00
Researchers believe that their latest successful experiment holds the key to why there is an abundance of matter over antimatter in the universe.
2015-04-10 13:45:00
While responding to allegations made by Belgian Privacy Commission in a report, Facebook has revealed that it tracked "a few" users who did not even use the social media platform because of a "bug."
2015-04-10 12:45:00
Apple has announced that the first batch of Apple Watch orders will only be collected via the Apple Store application for iOS devices and the online Apple store site.
2015-04-10 12:45:00
Now women can find serious and meaningful relationships with India's first women centric mobile app, Matchify.
2015-04-10 12:00:00

A new study has revealed that acidic oceans triggered greatest extinction of all time 252 million-years-ago, which wiped out more than 90 per cent of marine species and more than two-thirds of the

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