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2015-02-18 10:45:00
Scientists have discovered that stars, which are similar to the sum, explode too when they die.
2015-02-17 12:45:00
A new study has revealed that penguins have no sense of taste as they have lost three of the five basic tastes over evolutionary time.
2015-02-17 11:00:00
A team of researchers has discovered the genomic switches of a blood cell key to regulating the human immune system.
2015-02-16 14:45:00
Menopause neither increases nor creates any difficulty in sleeping amongst women, says a University of Pennsylvania study.
2015-02-15 15:45:00
Google has received a new patent recently for a device that'll not only ward off body odour but also warn you that friends are nearby in case of those bad-smelling situations.
2015-02-15 12:00:00
A team of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers has demonstrated a robot that is capable of doing laundry without any specific knowledge of what it has to wash.
2015-02-15 12:00:00
A new research has revealed that a "megadrought" will hit the Southwest US and much of America's breadbasket, the Great Plains, late in this century.
2015-02-12 11:45:00
Now, foodies might be in for a treat as one might be able to gorge on juicy steaks made of plants.
2015-02-12 11:00:00
A new research, part of the largest genome-wide study to date, has strengthened the genetic link to obesity.
2015-02-11 11:45:00
If you love getting high, bad news for you, as scientists have found a significant link between cannabis use and the onset and exacerbation of mania symptoms.
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