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2014-08-05 12:45:00
Twitter has recently revealed that it has received 46 percent more requests for user information in first half of 2014, compared to 2013, from government around the world.
2014-08-05 12:45:00
After a game app asking users to launch missiles on Hamas militants created a furore on the World Wide Web, Google has reportedly taken down the app from its Playstore.
2014-08-05 10:45:00
A new study has revealed that eating baked or broiled fish weekly is good for the brain, as it boosts memory and cognition.
2014-08-05 10:45:00
A new study has revealed that horses are sensitive to the facial expressions and attention of other horses and they communicate through their eyes and mobile ears.
2014-08-05 10:45:00

An anonymous hacking group has been launching virtual attacks on Israel government websites for over a week now. Although, the websites have bounced back into operation every time they have been

2014-08-04 14:45:00
A new study has revealed the reason why some people are more susceptible to stress and stress-related psychiatric disorders.
2014-08-02 18:00:00
American multinational corporation Microsoft sued its Korean rival Samsung for violating a patent-licensing contract involving Android operating system following Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia.
2014-08-02 18:00:00
Google is reportedly planning to segregate its photo service from Google+.
2014-08-02 15:45:00
Residents in Los Angeles called the Police when Facebook went down, according to a tweet from a sergeant in the L.A. County Sheriff's Department (LASD).
2014-08-02 11:45:00
ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has recently measured the temperature of its target comet for the first time.
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