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2014-04-20 10:50:00
India favours a multilateral role in net governance and management, a "transformational shift from the Internet of today to the Equinet of tomorrow".
2014-04-20 10:30:00
An Indian seismologist claimed to have predicted the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico on April 18 and says he warned his Mexican counterparts about its possible occurrence more than two months ago.
2014-04-09 12:54:00
India's maiden mission to Mars is on course, with its spacecraft Orbiter crossing the halfway mark on its voyage to the red planet, four months after it left Earth Dec 1.
2014-04-09 12:53:00
India's Mars Orbiter has travelled over 340 million km and crossed the half-way mark Wednesday morning on its long journey towards the Red planet, the Indian space agency said.
2014-04-05 15:50:00
The Indian space agency Saturday raised further the orbit of its second navigation satellite by around 4,200 km by firing the space craft's onboard motor for around seven minutes, said a senior official.
2014-04-04 14:51:00
Pradesh), April 4 (IANS) The Indian space agency is developing Astrosat - an astronomical satellite to study stars and other celestial bodies and expects to launch it in 2015, said a senior official here Friday.
2014-04-04 13:30:00
Pradesh), April 4 (IANS) India Friday moved a step closer to setting up its own satellite navigation system when in a copy-book style it successfully placed into orbit a satellite using its own rocket.
2014-04-04 13:30:00
India will immensely benefit from the applications of the country's second navigation satellite that was successfully placed into orbit Friday, said President Pranab Mukherjee.
2014-04-04 12:50:00
Pradesh), April 4 (IANS) Two more navigational satellites will be launched this year, said ISRO chairman K.Radhakrishnan Friday after an Indian rocket successfully placed in orbit the country's second navigation satellite.
2014-04-04 12:50:00
Pradesh), April 4 (IANS) Chhattisgarh Governor Shekhar Dutt said Friday that India is capable of providing science to the benefit of mankind after he witnessed the successful launch of an Indian rocket that placed into orbit the country's second navigation satellite.
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