Become more productive at work and in life by employing these 5 AI assistants!

Why do all the work yourself when artificial intelligence can take some of the load off your back!

If you haven’t been using AI to automate some of your work, here are 5 AI assistants that can save you at least 3 hours every day!

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If you’re looking for something to streamline your office meetings, then Fireflies is your answer! It is an AI-powered meeting assistant that allows you to record, transcribe and even search through recorded live meetings or audio files easily, thereby eliminating the need for note taking.

It even allows you to summarize the important information from the meeting. You can consolidate the information based on speakers, topics or even sentiments. Fireflies lets multiple users access a transcript at the same time which means anyone can add comments or flag specific parts of the recording in real time.

Fireflies offers a free plan available with option to upgrade.

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Motion is useful if you’re looking for something to help you with scheduling and project management. Based on your calendar, to-do list or activities, it automatically builds and optimizes your daily schedule. It also prioritizes and reschedules your work based on your deadlines.

Motion also comes with an automatic feature that generates a plan to make sure that everyone finishes projects as per schedule. Long story short, Motion ensures that you are more productive through the day.

Motion offers a free plan available with option to upgrade.

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Similar to Firefox, Otter is useful if you have a lot of phone calls and meetings. It can record video conferences as well as audio calls and transcribe the recordings. It can then analyse and break down the transcriptions based on the speaker. It also creates a summary of the discussion while highlighting the time stamps, key points and themes. is very popular because it can be integrated with other platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox and Slack. offers a free plan available with option to upgrade.

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This app is particularly useful if you are into marketing or content creation. Whether you’re looking to create advertisement copy for social media or write long-form articles, WriteSonic will help you write content that is SEO friendly. And what’s more? They guarantee that all the generated content is plagiarism free!

The company also has some other features, like an AI powered art generator called PhotoSonic, a bot that helps with customer support called BotSonic and an AI powered chatbot called ChatSonic which is integrated with GPT-4.

WriteSonic offers a free plan available with option to upgrade.

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Rytr is everything a writer can look for. It offers content generation, grammar checking, plagiarism checking and content rewriting. It can also write multiple variations of the same content based on the required tone.

In fact, Rytr can write 20 variations of the same content for various tones that range from enthusiastic to inspirational. It also has a feature that allows you to translate content into 30 different languages.

Rytr offers a free plan available with option to upgrade.

Have we missed out on any AI-based software you’re already using? Let us know in the comments section.

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