Sources in China have revealed how they are employing AI to get the upper hand in military warfare. Adarsh takes you through the details.

If reports published in a Chinese daily are to be believed, China may have invented some new technology which will ensure that ‘enemies will have nowhere to hide on the battlefield.’ According to the article in the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the new game-changing military surveillance technology gives them an upper hand like never before as it will help them to detect and track enemy signals with unparalleled speed!

According to the researchers from Beijing, their new technology can achieve seamless, wide bandwidth, real-time monitoring and analysis across the electromagnetic spectrum. It is being used by the Chinese military to detect and track enemy signals with unparalleled speed, instantly decipher the physical characteristics of these signals and effectively suppress them.

An analysis was published in the Chinese academic journal Radio Communications Technology last month where project lead scientist Yang Kai explained the tech at length. He mentioned how the new breed of electromagnetic spectrum monitoring gear is ‘small in size, high in performance and low in power consumption.’

The reason this is such breaking news if it is indeed real is that such technology was previously thought impossible because of the massive amount of data that needed to be processed during warfare. But as far as Kai is concerned, this invention will cause ‘a profound shift in the art of war.’

It should also be noted that as of the last few months, China and the USA are locked in a tussle for dominion over the electromagnetic spectrum.

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How the Technology Works

Previously, spectrum monitoring systems were limited by their hardware. Their real-time analysis bandwidth was restricted to 40-160 MHz. Any signals that fell outside this specific range were usually monitored through sampling scans.

By extending the frequency range, the new technology allows for seamless detection and real-time monitoring of frequencies in the gigahertz zone as well. And this covers the frequency range used by amateur radio enthusiasts as well as Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

Which, in other words, means that even if the US military were to switch to civilian frequencies, the new technology can capture and analyse pulse signals emitted by these frequencies very quickly.

The role of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays an important part in the critical data analysis process. By employing at least two different AI technologies to tackle various challenges like differentiating between civilian and military signals or going through large data sets.

Even in the face of enemy jamming, they can still find the enemy’s weaknesses from strong background noise and effectively counter them. This would’ve been previously impossible as monitoring such large extents of frequencies would’ve been beyond the human scope, but AI makes it possible.

The Last Word

Considering how AI has been revolutionising the world in recent years, such technology was just a matter of time. But considering how closely guarded the China usually are with their secrets, it is surprising that they have revealed so much about their cutting-edge technology.

This makes us wonder if the tech is indeed in existence or whether the Chinese are playing mind games with the US military. It could also be true that the tech does exist but the revelation is a means to ensure that the current tensions between the two nations doesn’t result in war.

What happens next remains to be seen.

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