AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between human/AI generated content, says Uma Iyer.

With all the conversations about AI, it is natural to wonder if anything we see on the internet is AI generated or AI powered.

Is the above statement AI generated? Yes, it is!

Can I use a bot to write this article completely? Turns out I can. Few questions and the entire article can be typed up by a bot!

Key AI Statistics

1. The global AI market value is expected to reach $267 billion by 2027.

2. AI is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

3. 37% of businesses and organizations employ AI.

4. Nine out of ten leading businesses have investments in AI technologies, but less than 15% deploy AI capabilities in their work.

5. The rise of AI will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million new ones by 2025.

6. More than three billion voice assistants are now in use, and eight billion will be by 2023.

7. The AI industry will be earning $126 billion a year by 2025.

8. 67% of Americans believe self-driving cars are safer than regular cars.

9. 25 countries are now working on designing autonomous vehicles.

10. The self-driving car industry could be worth more than $600 billion over the next five years.

The below infographic clearly identifies the difference between Assisted, Automated and Autonomous Intelligence, which is different from Human intelligence.

Labs says, ‘Human intelligence is the ability to think, learn, and understand. It includes reasoning, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence. It is a valuable asset that can be developed throughout life.’ Human intelligence is what created a phone and culminated in the iphone and now is thinking beyond. Human intelligence coupled with AI can break barriers beyond human comprehension.

Image Credit: Analytics Vidhya
Image Credit: Analytics Vidhya

Differences between Human vs AI

1. Initiation: Humans are born and raised with a capacity to reason and perform cognitive tasks while AI is a product of human insights.

2. Learning: While AI needs statistical models and lots of data, the model needs to be continuously trained to avoid decay, humans on the other hand can learn via education, experience or unique scenarios.

3. Ability to Create: Humans can create and innovate while AI is highly dependent on the permutations and combination of data provided to it.

4. Decisioning: AI makes binary decisions while humans are capable of making subjective choices.

5. Social skills and comprehension: Subjective awareness and relevance distinctly differentiates data driven AI tools which are built for a specific purpose.

How does one identify human vs AI output?

Here is a simple check you can do to try to determine if something is AI generated:

1. Look for signs of automation. For example, if a website or article is full of jargons or repetitive language, it may be AI generated.

2. Check the source of the information. If it is from a reputable source, it is less likely to be AI generated.

3. Use your own judgment. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Of course, even if something passes these tests, it is still possible that it is AI generated. AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between human-generated and AI-generated content.

Is the above AI generated? Let’s check using a freely available tool on the internet

I changed it with some text, and the same check gave a worse result. ‘Changed Check the source of information’ from ‘If the content is from’

Now I added a typo, changed ‘:'(colon) to a ‘;;’ (semicolon) and voila got a 100% authentic message.

For the curious, the text was generated using Google Labs. So it is quite possible to create good content if one knows what to search or ask the bots!


The conclusion of the AI vs. humans debate is still premature to determine a true winner. While significant strides are made, AI is nascent and is far off from outperforming humans. Humans have distinct cognitive advantages which will enable AI to evolve AI. Do take up this simple test to check your view of the world Take test here.

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Uma currently works as a delivery lead in a leading bank managing anti-money laundering projects. She started her career setting up and managing data centers and disaster recovery centers moving on to setting up niche healthcare business analysis teams. She would like to share her experiences and best practices across industries in view of a common user. The comments reflect the author's views and not the bank or Sify's.

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