Author: Abhijit Patil

Abhijit Patil is a Product Executive for Data Center Services. He works with a global team, manages customer requirements, and delivers end-to-end solutions to them. His focus is on key growth strategies and initiatives to improve profitability. He's based out of Mumbai and loves to travel. He is a social person and a great company for good conversation.

In today’s times, a common question arises while discussing technology: what is the difference between Data Centers and Hyperscale Data Centers? The answer: Data Centers are like hotels – the spaces are shared with multiple guests, whereas, in the case of Hyperscale Data Centers, the entire building/campus are dedicated to a single customer. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and OTTs, which have millions and millions of end-users, have infused their services into our day-to-day life to cater to our personal and professional needs. Data centers are the backbone of this digital world. This is where Hyperscale Data Centers come…

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