Author: Bhagya Ayyavoo

Bhagya Ayyavoo, in her imagination, owns a sports complex in her backyard. Finding herself in Investigative Tech Learning not by choice, she says, 'Technology has become required reading, and writing too!'

Hello, and welcome to the Podcast. Today we discuss Toxic management and the possible alternatives to do-away with it. Panelists: Anjali Gupta, Marketing Head – Sify Technologies (New Delhi), Smita Katragadda, Senior Director – Client Relations, Infosys (Frankfurt), Uma Iyer – Author of Toxic Management: Is Musk’s Leadership style practical? (Edinburgh) and Felista Awuor Gor ( author from Kenya). We ask the all-women panel the BIG question…are women contributing to the toxicity? Production crew: Bhagya Ayyavoo (Host), Shanmugam Revathan, Shweta Ajay, Karthikeyan Velu, Praveena Moorthi, Arun Suraneni, Sindhupriya K, Prathmesh Kher, Sudhakar Mani Special Thanks to: George Koshi Arun…

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