With most of our time being spent working from a home setting, many apps have sprung up to make our professional life a bit easier. Adarsh reviews seven of the best of these.

Let us face it! We have been working from home for over 2 years now and we have all produced our own unique methods to get work done while also tending to chores at home.

But while we have been honing remote working techniques, a bunch of apps have cropped up that are meant to make life a whole lot easier… and more fun!

So here are 7 apps other than Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello and Zoom to make you more productive when you are working from home:

Basecamp: For project management

For those who work with a huge team, this is one of the best project management tools out there! Instead of getting lost in email chains and WhatsApp threads, this tool helps with communication and workflow through a message board where you can post updates and gather feedback. You get a full overview of the project, all the way back to day 1.

The To-Do section is quite helpful and mentions the required actions and assigned users while also highlighting important dates in the project flow. Docs & Files stores all the assets that are part of the project while Automatic Check-in lets users update their task logs and achievements so that the entire team is aware of each other’s progress and highlights.

Freedom: To block distractions

One of the biggest problems of working remotely is all the distractions that surround you! Just when you are getting into your flow state, you get a ping on WhatsApp or Instagram and your productivity goes for a toss! The Freedom app lets you block all these evil apps and websites during work hours to let you pay attention to the tasks at hand. It allows you to pause or limit website usage and gives you an insight on your online behaviour.

The app can also be synchronized with other devices so there is no risk of you leaving your laptop to start scrolling aimlessly on your phone.

Krisp: To mute background noises

If you happen to work with noisy kids in the house or construction work happening in the adjacent building, this is a godsent! Install this app and the AI-based noise cancellation will get rid of all the background noises and echoes. So instead of repeating your sentences, you can make faster progress during meetings.

The HD voice feature also improves the voice quality during calls. The free version of the app gives you 240 minutes (about 4 hours) weekly so if you do not make a lot of calls, you can even avail this for nothing.

Evernote: Your online notepad

Whether it is saving the minutes of a meeting, jotting down ideas circling in your head or saving the contents of a website, Evernote is the best place to save all the information. The app automatically synchronizes all your devices so you can write down ideas on your phone and then access them later your laptop or tablet, as per your convenience.

The business subscription of the app even lets you access notes offline and search for texts inside a PDF.

Simplish: Your online to-do list

There are plenty of to-do list apps out there but this is one of the best ones! It lets you organise your tasks, capture notes, schedule tasks and events and even collaborate with colleagues on shared tasks.

You can have separate workspaces for each of your tasks and projects and you can share the joint tasks with your co-workers. Apart from sharing to-do lists, the app also lets you chat with others. The Daily Planner features gives you a shortlist of all your tasks for the day, letting you plan your work schedule better.

Dashlane: Your online password manager

Working from home comes with its own set of safety and security concerns! With so many passwords for all the different logins, it is becoming increasingly impossible to keep track of all of them.

Dashlane employs multi-factor authentication to protect all your valuable information like contact details, addresses and payment details. The premium version of the software also comes with priority support.

Zapier: To automate manual tasks

While working from home, a lot of us end up doing the same mundane, manual tasks repeatedly, every single day. Well, Zapier is going to help you put an end to that. It helps you automate repetitive tasks and streamline your work and you do not even need to know coding to do that!

It can be integrated seamlessly with all your most-used apps like Gmail, Slack, Outlook, etc. Pre-designed workflow templates called Zaps help with tasks like automatically sharing content on social media, sending private messages, or saving files and media to the cloud. You can also create your own Zaps to automate triggers and actions.

Bonus: Here are 7 more bonus apps to help you make the most of remote working!

Have any other interesting app suggestions? Share with us and other readers in the comments section.

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