'Bringing Elevators to Life' - Polo Elevator's unique marketing strategy revolutionising the market

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Last Updated: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2020, 00:40:09hrs
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Umang Bansal (left) - Chairman and Gaurav Bansal - Managing Director | Polo Elevators

New Delhi [India], Jan 21 (ANI/PRNewswire): Marketing a product has been a challenge for every brand unless the product is unique or revolutionary.

But the ones who are launching either an upgrade or the same product with a USP need a marketing strategy that requires in-depth knowledge, clarity of what they are addressing with the product and of course, the demographics.
But if a company is branding a product which doesn't possess a natural element of marketing which a strategist can take advantage of, it becomes a challenge. Some products need more research to develop an insight that can then be marketed.
The best example is of the Adhesive which was marketed by Pidelite. The insight they developed upon is the property of adhesive to it makes things stick.
The Chairman of Polo Elevators, Umang Bansal and the Managing Director Gaurav Bansal, addressed the challenge they faced while strategizing about elevators as a product, especially over social media which they recently turned to for brand awareness and marketing.
"The challenge was real but our team took it with a sportsman spirit. We have now introduced a new side to an elevator, which was there but not explored," he said.
The new side which they are talking about is the 'emotions in an elevator' and 'types of people in an elevator series' which has been a breakthrough in the vertical engineering industry.
One would find already established elevator brands not actually thinking about it from this perspective. But Polo is taking this risk of standing out from the market.
The objective they state is to connect with the audience, to make them aware and mirror what they do in an elevator on a daily basis. A company can only increase its sales and flourish if it has that hold on its market and the audience connects to the product.
Indeed a smart marketing move on Polo Elevators' part which they say has also incredibly helped their sales. Now, they are onto making more such series on hidden insights or daily activities around the elevator.
Apart from a disruptive marketing strategy, Polo is offering elevators that are stylish and tech-savvy. They have an efficient delivery system that assures on-time installation without delays. Extending their customer services, they have introduced the Polo app, wherein customers don't need to go through the hassle.
Every brand is reduced to their USPs' by the end of the day, some promise comfort and some luxury. It is their job to figure out that special element upon which they can work upon so that the product, despite the nature, can beat the mundane and standout in the market.
Research and creative team would be instrumental, just like in the case of Polo Elevators, which is now thriving on its newfound unexplored side of elevators.
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