350 MakeMyTrip staffers make way out as company sees unpredictable future

Source :Sify
Author :Sify
Last Updated: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020, 01:54:12hrs

New Delhi: Travel firm MakeMyTrip has claimed that 350 employees have been asked to leave as part of a business plan.  

The 350 staffers are from the international holidays and related line of businesses.  

An e-mail to employees by MakeMyTrip Group Executive Chairman and founder Deep Kalra and Group CEO Rajesh Magow reads that the company was facing unpredictable times and the fight against the impact of COVID-19 crisis was going to be long drawn.  

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Kalra and Magow looked at this decision as "undoubtedly the toughest decision, we have had to take so far" and "saddest day for us as an organisation".

The mail said, "Over the past two months, we have analysed impact closely and have spent considerable time thinking about the path to business recovery. As a result, it’s become agonisingly clear that there are certain lines of business that are far deeply affected and will take much longer than the others to recover."

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"Keeping this in mind we have had to take this sad but inevitable decision of rightsizing our workforce in these businesses," Kalra and Magow's mail stated.  

"To compassionately take care of the employees who have been impacted, we have tried to do our best to offer support including Mediclaim coverage for individuals and their families till the end of the year, leave encashment, gratuity, retaining the right to exercise part of RSUs as applicable, retention of company laptops and outplacement support apart from salary payments as per their notice periods," the mail read.