Indian weddings: Kerala bride wears the most gold; but TN, Andhra brides aren't far behind - WGC survey

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 13, 2017 18:34 hrs
Dileep, Kavya are a couple now!

A survey by the World Gold Council (along with Malabar Gold and Metals focus) has found that brides from Kerala end up wearing the most gold - 40 sovereigns or 320 grams.

Tamil Nadu brides and Andhra brides follow close behind sporting 300 grams of gold on an average at their weddings.

The survey, which is part of the World Gold Council's India's gold market: evolution and innovation report, also underlined how tastes differed from region to region. While bangles, earrings, chains and small necklaces were commonly worn by brides across regions, the tastes in them varied. 

The report also once again underlined the enduring fascination for gold in India.

"India has over 45% under the age of 25. And young people think about the world differently from previous generation. But our large-scale consumer research indicates that they do have a strong affinity with gold: when we asked the question what you would buy if you were given Rs 50000, a third of respondents aged between 18–33 said they would invest in gold," PR Somasundaram, Managing Director, World Gold Council in India.

Gold jewellery demand across regions

The India's gold market: evolution and innovation report states that South India consumes the most gold - 40% - with Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin and Bangalore being the main centres. The demand is for 22k Carat gold primarily.

Next comes the West of India, which generates 25% of the demand annually on an average. Mumbai and Ahmedabad are the important centres here and the tastes are more diverse with 22K, 18K and 14K gold jewellery in vogue.

The North, which accounts for 20% of the demand, sees customers buying 23k gold ornaments too along with 22K, 18K and 14K ones. New Delhi and Jaipur are the main centres here.

Finally comes the East, which drives 15% of the demand. Kolkata is the main centre here and like in the South, the interest is almost entirely centred around 22K gold ornaments