Bored of restrictions? Here's a flight to nowhere

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Last Updated: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2020, 01:43:50hrs

Taipei, Taiwan: Bored of the Coronavirus induced lockdown and restrictions? Want to try heading nowhere? The Taiwanese have an itinerary that should suit folks wanting to safely travel without fear of getting infected with the dreaded virus.

A Taiwanese flight operator has tailored what it calls the perfect itinerary to nowhere.

Passengers can plan their route, book tickets, and even feel the experience of security checks at the airport. One gets to do the baggage screening and also walk the aisle towards their seats. Flight attendants talk to you while you get seated. But then, the plane doesn't take-off.

On Thursday, Reuters reported the tale of Taiwan's Songshan Airport and its latest program meant for passengers bored of lockdown restrictions. Surprisingly, 7,000 over-enthusiastic passengers applied for the tickets to nowhere. The airport approved tickets for 60 lucky passengers.

The passengers got boarding passes, proceeded through security and immigration, got their boarding passes, and even landed inside an Airbus A330 at Taiwan's largest carrier - China Airlines.

Flight attendants chatted to them. And, once all passengers boarded the flight, the airport used the show to reveal their latest renovations and even showcase a presentation on steps taken to prevent Covid-infections.

The flight didn't take off, but enthusiastic passengers could get to take selfies from within the Airbus.

With borders mostly sealed since mid-March, most citizens bored of Covid restrictions are up for such exercises.

Although Taiwan is geographically closer to China, it has managed to control rising cases and deaths. International flights have been blocked and only 40 percent flights took off (in comparison to March 2019) in domestic routes. Although far get-aways are shunned, travellers are preferring domestic and local travel. For those not wanting to step far, the SongShan trick is a sure way to keep themselves entertained.

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