Ministry to consider hallmarking 24 karat Gold Jewelry

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 24, 2017 19:51 hrs
A customer looks at jewellery at a gold shop in Yangon

New Delhi:The government has suggested that it will consider bringing in 24 karat gold jewellery within the hallmarking standards. Currently, the Bureau of Indian Standards adopts a code for marking Gold coins and also jewellery such as 9 Karats, 14 Karats, 18 Karats, 21 Karats, and even 23 Karats.

Ram Vilas Paswan, the minister for Consumer Affairs, who had attended the first meeting of the governing council of Bureau of Indian Standards suggested, "we were told by some jewellers that new technology has made jewellery of 24 Karat gold possible. So we are considering its hallmarking."

Until a few years ago, trade fraternity and officials from BIS had conceded that 24 Karat hallmarking was technically not feasible. But, in December 2016, state run MMTC limited, was among the very first to offer 24 Karat Gold coins, hallmarked under BIS standards.

A formal decision is yet to be anticipated, but customers have called the announcement a welcome move, as BIS certification for 24 Karat Gold would uplift consumer trust.

A BIS certification is a good measure of the purity of Gold. 21 Karat, referred to as the Indian or Arabic Gold, has nearly 13% filler material, or one could say is 87% pure Gold. 24 karat, on the other end has only 0.1% filler, which means 99% gold.

There exists a difference in the usage of the word Karat for Diamonds and Gold. While Carats may refer to the size and weight of gemstones such as Diamond. When it comes Gold, Karats refers to purity. In case you are observing your Gold Jewellery right now, focus carefully at the BIS code, and try identifying its purity. 

Here is a list of the BIS codes for various Gold standards.


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