Choose the right Hybrid-IT Ready Data Center

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Last Updated: Tue, Oct 20th, 2020, 18:04:10hrs
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Sify Data Centres at Airoli and Rabale

The move towards cloud computing and hybrid IT infrastructure has transformed enterprise IT. But a hybrid cloud strategy is only as strong as the data centers it rests on. Choosing the right data center technologies and providers is critical for a seamless workflow.

For hybrid cloud deployments, cloud-adjacent or near-cloud data centers with high-performance, flexible bandwidth, security and minimum latency are vital. A professionally run data center offers efficiency and
stability. A robust interconnection network ensures that different levels of connectivity are available between any two data centers or between data centers and hyper scale clouds.

At a webinar organized by ETCIO, industry experts shed light on the criticality of choosing the right data center partner. Sushant Purushan, Business Head - Data Centre & Cloud Services, and Vijay Bellam, Vice President - Global Service Delivery, Sify Technologies Limited, explained how enterprises can leverage hybrid IT-ready data centers and cloud interconnect for business growth.

Excerpts from the conversation:
Sushant Purushan
Business Head - Data Centre & Cloud Services, Sify Technologies Limited

Multiple clouds are the new normal. Gartner defines Multicloud as the deliberate use of the same type of cloud services from multiple cloud service providers. Research says that 81 per cent of enterprises (81%)
 already use more than one cloud provider. Enterprises say multicloud offers flexibility and allows them to capitalize on different functional advantages from different providers.

Hybrid Cloud, a form of multicloud, is the integration of private and public cloud services to support parallel, integrated or complementary tasks. The advantages of the multicloud architecture of the hybrid cloud are many. Apps can be siloed on different clouds. There is data integration and workload mobility between clouds. It’s easier for customers to navigate between clouds for Disaster Recovery/failover.

With a hybrid cloud platform, businesses can merge the two cloud models to maximize benefits while minimizing the risks. Companies can keep sensitive data on their private servers and use public cloud for running less critical applications and larger workloads.

A Forrester report reveals that in the Asia Pacific region, more than 60 per cent firms describe their cloud strategy as hybrid.

So, why do companies prefer to use multiple cloud and hybrid cloud? Some of the reasons are:

  • For backup/recovery of data, to leverage cloud services
  • To speed up systems of engagement (E.g.: web/e-commerce app)
  • To bridge cloud native Saas and packaged apps
  • To improve performance of latency-sensitive application
  • To speed up software development and testing
  • To meet compliance requirements
  • To reduce data center footprint

Hybrid-IT ready data centers work on the “lift and shift” approach, a strategy for moving an application or operation from one environment to another without having to redesign the app or operations workflow.

Application workloads move across servers and network infrastructure located within physical data centers and across multi-cloud environments (private, public and hybrid clouds).

In India, Sify is the only company that offers end-to-end hybrid IT transformation services.

Sify’s network services are designed to help customers harness the true potential of cutting-edge cloud, digital and network technologies. Our cloud spectrum offerings include Cloud-enabling technologies like Hybrid-IT ready Data Centers and Hybrid IT-ready Network services.

Sify’s hyperscale, interconnect and edge data centers offer many advantages. The company has 20 years of experience in build-own-operate, carrier-neutral data centers. We have ten operational Data Centers with 52 MW IT power in key cities. The service is truly carrier-neutral: More than 90% of fiber links are from non-Sify telecom providers. We have a multiple internet exchange (IX) ecosystem and plan to add 106 MW in next four years.

Vijay Bellam
Vice President - Global Service Delivery, Sify Techologies Limited

A recent Forrester report says that questions around latency, and security are the major challenges companies face while deploying multiple cloud platforms. There are concerns about network design, migration of apps and/or data between clouds and lack of hybrid cloud management tools and lack of skilled employees to manage multiple cloud platforms.

Sify has identified those challenges and is now delivering a unique offering to address those.

One of the key building blocks for hybrid and multicloud is network services, and meeting the network Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The low latency at the edge and the flexibility to choose your network provider, improves customer experience.

Sify has introduced Metro-XConnect, a pre-built 10G ethernet infrastructure that makes it possible to have alternative architectures for integrating public and private clouds Metro-X connect integrates Airoli and Rabale Data Centers, located in Mumbai, seamlessly into one virtual campus. It is designed to act as a catalyst to accelerate the deployment of hybrid multi-cloud environments including AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It provides customers with the option of collocating in a cloud-adjacent data center to build a unique hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Sify’s Metro-XConnect service addresses common pain points. To enable fast execution between different workloads and their components, Metro-XConnect provides a guaranteed low latency of less than 100 microseconds for one-way. It is highly reliable and has been designed for mission-critical applications at 99.99% availability. Using three diverse fiber paths, it ensures uninterrupted operations.

Sify’s Infrastructure advantage
Sify's Cloudinfinit multicloud management platform provides a single console to manage existing and new workloads across hybrid clouds and all major cloud services: AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud Interconnect, Google Cloud Platform and VMware. With its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, Sify provides a good selection of network and data center services from all major metros of India to design and implement resiliency services for backup and disaster recovery. For Example : Sify Interconnect network between AWS Mumbai Data Center Region Public Cloud and Sify Airoli Private Cloud Data Center enables customers to establish direct connectivity between their private infrastructure and AWS Cloud environments and fully realize the benefits of hybrid cloud. The result is, improved application performance, lower latency, network-level security protection and reduced costs.

Sify’s managed services transformation framework helps you assess your existing ecosystem and gives you a customized recommendation. There is no one solution that fits all. One customer might just want co-location, while another might want to migrate physical assets. Sify's Cloudinfinit multicloud management platform offers all services need for transformation, including cost management (metering, cost allocation, invoicing) and optimization. We also offer security transformation: Security for the cloud, security from the cloud, and compliance solutions.

Customer case study
Sify helped a leading life insurance company shift from hosted to Hybrid IT, bringing in business agility and reduced costs. The company was struggling with limited scale and long lead times due to lengthy procurement cycles. Post transformation, the insurance firm moved to a single Sify-AWS public cloud solution platform for upcoming digital projects around Data Lakes, AI, IoT. On-demand cloud resources and a pay-as-you-go model helped reduce costs and increase scalability.

Sify has given firms across industry verticals a leg up in their cloud transformation journey. A few examples:

Data Center and Cloud transformation projects
Leading gold loan focused NBFC in India
Electricity transmission and distribution of the largest state in India (by population)

Data Center Migration projects
Joint venture life insurance company of the largest state-owned bank in India
A multinational Indian conglomerate headquartered in AHD

Data Center managed services projects
A leading Japanese financial services company with a global presence in 30 countries
A digital transformation infrastructure, security and product engineering services company

DC/DR Hosting and Colocation
India’s BFSI industry leaders, including India’s largest bank, largest private bank and largest e-wallet company, are in Sify Data Centers.

Sify has executed 500-plus data center services projects, 300-plus data center migration projects and has 230-plus enterprise cloud clients.

In a nutshell, Sify addresses all the challenges for enabling hybrid cloud offering with key building blocks:

  • Hybrid-IT ready Data Centers
  • High performance and low latency data center and cloud interconnect meeting production SLAs
  • Implementation, migration, security and managed services.
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