City has lowest CO2 emissions

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 04:21 hrs

The Asian Green City Index, commissioned by Siemens, has said Bangalore has the lowest level of CO2 emissions with almost 30 per cent of its energy consumed comes from renewable energy as per the Asian Green City Index. The Asian Green City Index, commissioned by Siemens, analysed the environmental sustainability of 22 major cities in Asia with respect to environmental and climate protection. The research project came up with interesting findings including the fact that Singapore is Asia’s greenest metropolis.

Singapore stands out in particular for its ambitious environmental targets and its efficient approach to achieving them. However, in other Asian cities as well, environmental awareness and climate protection guidelines are playing an increasingly important role.

According to the report Bangalore has some of the lowest levels of CO 2 emissions per capita – this is partially reflected in the fact that 30% of Bangalore’s energy consumed comes from renewable energy and 61 per cent of the electricity is generated from renewable sources, mainly hydropower. The city’s relatively low income, resulting in a less energy-intensive lifestyle, also plays a part in reducing CO 2 emissions, as does the shift from heavy industry to IT-related businesses. The national government’s policies to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy have also been important contributory factors.