Covid Vaccine: No major drug expected in 2020

Source :Sify
Author :Finance Desk
Last Updated: Fri, Sep 4th, 2020, 18:28:41hrs
Covid-19 Vaccine

Geneva: The wait for a Coronavirus vaccine could take much longer than what recent media reports have indicated. The World Health Organization in a recent interaction revealed when a vaccine could be made available.

At a U.N. briefing, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said, "We are really not expecting to see widespread vaccination until the middle of next year."

According to Harris none of the vaccines in advanced stages of clinical trials have managed to meet WHO's efficicacy level of 50 percent. That only because the vaccines have been administered to a number of candidates and WHO did not have a clear signal of efficacy.

She reiterated the importance of long stage testing. "Phase 3 must take longer because we need to see how truly protective the vaccine is and we also need to see how safe it is," she added.