Creating wild Ripples! Seven cryptocurrencies that put bitcoin's returns to shame in 2017

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 16, 2018 20:00 hrs
Bitcoin (PTI Photo)

If you thought Bitcoin's more-than-1000% surge in 2017 was astounding, think again. The astronomic rise was but merely a blip in the ethereal world of cryptocurrencies.

Quartz reports that Ripple, a technology that is both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network, led the dizzying march of cryptocurrencies by delivering a 36018% return in 2017. Yes, you read that right - 36018% in returns.

Ripple, which some call the bankers' cryptocurrency, went on to finish 2017 with a market cap of over $85 billion making it the world's second-largest cryptocurrency too. Its massive surge came towards the end of the year.

NEM, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that went live on March 31, 2015, came next yielding a 29842% return.

Taking up the third and fourth slots were the relatively less familiar Stellar and Dash. Stellar surged by 14441%, while Dash sprinted up 9265%.

At fifth place was Ethereum, till recently the world's second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, but that has been pushed to third by Ripple. Ethereum, which currently has a market cap of $ 72 million, delivered a 9162% return in 2017, according to Quartz based on data measured by CoinMarketcap.

Litecoin, which markets itself as an open source P2P digital currency, and Cardano also delivered more dazzling returns than bitcoin, rising by 5046% and 2782% respectively.

Bitcoin with a 1318% return was only eighth on this list, emphasing the sheer pinch-me-hard-not-once-but-thrice-to-help-me-realise-this-is-real feel of the list. The world's leading cryptocurrency has a market cap of over $235 billion at the moment.

Among cryptoassets, Bitcoin ranks even lower in terms of returns, at the 14th place.

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Here's the complete Quartz article for those keen on scanning the entire list.

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