Delhi: Onions continue to sell at Rs 40-Rs 50 per Kg

Source : ANI
Author : ANI
Last Updated: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2019, 21:24:31hrs
Delhi: Onions continue to sell at Rs 40-Rs 50 per Kg
New Delhi [India]: Onion prices on Thursday continued to sell at Rs 40-Rs 50 per kilo at Azadpur Mandi, the wholesale market of the national capital.

"Onion prices were at Rs 20-22 per kg but now there is a shortage of supply due to rain and flood and therefore we are getting onions at a high price. That is why we are selling it at a price of Rs 40-Rs 50 per kg," a vendor at Azadpur Mandi told ANI.

Traders are also blaming heavy rainfall in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh for their spike in prices.

"The prices of onion have decreased as the government is supplying onions. I am selling onion at Rs 40 and 50. The price of the onion depends on its quality", said another vendor at the market.

A few days ago the Centre had imposed a minimum export price of USD 85 per metric ton. The move was expected to curb onion exports and bring down the prices of onions in the domestic market.