Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic - A boon for childless couples

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Last Updated: Mon, Jan 27th, 2020, 20:28:25hrs
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Dr AK Jain at his IVF Clinic

New Delhi [India], Jan 27 (ANI/NewsVoir): Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic, one of the leading IVF and fertility centres in North India, is making a huge difference in the lives of couples who are childless or facing fertility issues in either or both the partners.

With its world-class facilities and a team of expert fertility specialists who follow a holistic approach to IVF, blending modern techniques with Ayurvedic practices,
Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic has been consistently producing excellent results and bringing joy to hundreds of families. The clinic also offers easy EMI facility to the couples making IVF procedure affordable for them.
"It is an honour and a matter of great responsibility for us to be able to fill the lives of childless couples with joy in the form of a child of their own. We bring the best of clinical expertise with a vast pool of experience and personalized treatment programmes giving an added advantage to a couple to move to parenthood and we're happy to see the difference we make in the lives of these couples," said Dr AK Jain, the founder of Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic.
Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic helps couples who are not able to conceive naturally for any reason. Most of these couples face secondary infertility with either the man or woman with fertility issues. The clinic also helps couples with a history of recurrent pregnancy losses or carrying genetically inherited disorders.
"Being childless can be extremely stressful for a couple. We're living in times when one-third of the worldwide population suffers from one or the other sexual problem. Many of us don't even realise the same as discussing sexual ailments is still considered a taboo in our society," he said.
"The lifestyle, stress, pollution, and our eating, drinking and smoking habits only add to the problem. I've seen many families falling apart because of sexual disorders, which can be easily treated. My mission is to help such people and enable them to find peace and joy in life through their own child," further added Dr Jain.
At Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic, a couple has the best chance of achieving their dream of having a complete family as they are provided with personalised and world-class quality treatment.
The clinic follows internationally recognised strict protocols while performing the IVF procedures so as to increase the chances of success through a minimum number of attempts.
Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic makes this possible through a holistic approach for the couples seeking fertility treatment by blending the latest IVF Techniques with the traditional Ayurvedic practices to ensure not just a high success rate but a stress-free IVF experience for both the mother and the child.
Dr AK Jain belongs to a family of physicians specialising in treatment of sexual disorders for over 90 years. He takes pride in the legacy of treating infertility long before IVF came in the picture. This makes Dr AK Jain's IVF Centre uniquely positioned to fulfil any couple's dream of starting a family.
Dr AK Jain's IVF Centre offers balanced and holistic approaches to in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). The centre has a relatively higher rate of healthy delivery with the minimum number of attempts compared to the industry standards.
Their effort is to not just help childless couples conceive, but ensuring a healthy delivery of the child and stress-free postpartum recovery for the mother.
Dr AK Jain's IVF Centre has a highly experienced team backed by a state-of-the-art IVF Lab as the people and the facilities, both are monumental to IVF success.
The centre's highly professional team comprises expert IVF specialists, counsellors and health practitioners who have a great reputation in their respective fields. They guide the couple in choosing the right options to start their family.
"The journey to parenthood is a partnership shared by the parents and us. We provide expert care to them with compassion. We have a team of qualified doctors and counsellors, who're available 24/7 to assist our patients to deal with their issues. With our 90 years of experience in dealing with sexual disorders and modern facilities, we've saved thousands of marriages," concluded Dr Jain.
Dr AK Jain's son, Dr Sankalp Jain (Head IVF and Sexual Health Counsellor - Dr AK Jain's IVF Centre) has been a major contributor in the success of their establishment. He has worked in King George Medical University and Hospital, first as an intern and later served as a junior resident, gaining heaps of valuable experience.
He has continued working as a sexual counsellor against the social taboos. Being a modern medicine practitioner, he has well amalgamated the use of high-end technology and equipments for better diagnosis of his patients. Raised under the umbrella of Ayurveda and its benefits, he has a genuine interest and the will to revive Ayurveda for our future generations.
Dr Sankalp has bagged many prestigious awards like "Health Icon of the Year" by Member of Parliament Dr Rita Bahuguna Joshi, "National Gaurav Award" for raising awareness towards eradicating social taboos related to sexual health issues through his social media campaign generating 5.9 million impressions and even "Personality of the Year" by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Ram Naik.
To make the procedure cost affordable to middle-class couples, Dr AK Jain's IVF Clinic also makes available EMI facility through tie-ups with reputed financial institutions.
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