e-nutraceutical brand Pure Nutrition expands, adds new store at Delhi Airport

Source : SIFY
Author : SIFY
Last Updated: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019, 00:26:57hrs
e-nutraceutical brand Pure Nutrition expands, adds new store at Delhi Airport
Mumbai based nutrition startup, Pure Nutrition, an online nutraceutical brand has added to its physical presence. After operationalising a retail store at Mumbai airport, the brand has recently added a store at Delhi IGI Airport.

The brand's new stores are located at both Terminal 3 Departure at Domestic and International terminals, and are expected to substantiate overall retail presence and value for money to visitors.

Sushil Khaitan, CEO & Director with Pure Nutrition.me explained that the launch at Delhi Airport was a well-thought strategy, keeping in mind the brand's expanding footprint. The brand applied several learning from the Mumbai store' operations. Products such as gut health products, coconut oil and immunity products like Curcumin Plus fared well with the frequent flyer community, and the brand aspires to offer travelers' a similar experience- offer products that are convenient to carry, optimally priced and live up to promise.

When asked how different the Delhi and Mumbai markets were, Khaitan said, "Delhi is a prime and important market for us. Also, from an online sales point of view, we are hopeful to see the trickle effect across offline"

In the digital age the retail plunge usually comes at a very later stage. For example brands such as OnePlus or Redmi became category kings before their pop-up stores came out. However, Khaitan reasons that the strategy will work in their case. "Once a brand establishes a certain significant presence through e-commerce, the next pivotal move in the growth story should be to set up some physical stores so that the trust that people have in the brand can be further substantiated. Although, it is never one-size-fits-all, having a physical store certainly lends credibility, higher brand recall and the subsequent spike in sales," he said.