Ebara Pumps forays into European market

Last Updated: Tue, Apr 16, 2019 15:25 hrs
Ebara Logo (Image Courtesy: Ebara)

Italian company Ebara Pumps has started catering to the European markets by providing high-quality pumps for industrial and residential purposes.

The company that has a factory in Italy for about 30 years, supplies high-quality pumps all over the world, including in the Southeast Asian region.

EBARA Pumps Europe sells its main product such as "stainless steel press pump" for building and industrial application and "water supply unit" in the South East Asian market.

The company continues to make lives comfortable through its product.

Corrado Braconi from Ebara Pumps Europe said, "At Ebara, we believe that it is our duty to provide product and services aimed to support society, industry, and life. Thanks to decades of experience, we are now able to supply reliable and efficient product as one of the largest manufactures of stainless steel pump in Europe.

"Vertical multistage centrifugal pump, booster set and fire-fighting units are just some of the key products we produce to meet the worldwide customers' expectation," Braconi added.

Last year, the factory was relocated and the production capacity was increased to 1.5 times.

The factory manufactures using the latest technology such as 3D laser welding machine. In addition, the assembly line is based on the quality control of Japan standard and produce a high-quality pump.

"We produce over 400.000 pumps per year, 50.000 of which are destined to South East Asian and Indian markets. We are proud to provide building services, municipalities, industries solution in these regions" Braconi said.